Pierre Du Moulin’s Anatomy of Arminianism Chapter 4 “Of the Will of God”

Many twenty-first century readers are shy about reading even the English translations of the work of the orthodox Reformed theologian Pierre (Peter) du Moulin. Therefore, I have begun the process of updating the language and format of du Moulin’s “The Anatomy of Arminianism” to make it more readable. The old English translation is hard to read with s’s that look like f’s and extremely long sentences. I have updated the letters, spelling, and to a limited extent the sentence structure. Pierre du Moulin was the greatest of the French Reformed theologians of the 17th century. He wrote his “Anatomy of Arminianism” against the teachings of the semi-Pelagian Remonstrants. This book was read at the Synod of Dort. He also became a dedicated foe of the semi-Arminian Amyrauldians in the French Reformed churches.

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